Philip A. Naecker, Consulting Software EngineersOur Services

We provide system planning, configuration, integration and installation services for hardware and software used in production systems and transaction processing applications.

We also provide WAN and LAN configuration, integration, and installation services, using IP and other protocol stacks.  We are experienced in configuring and installing entire corporate networks, including servers, desktops, cabling systems, routers, and telecommunications equipment.

We provide a full range of software engineering services with a primary focus on mission-critical or large-scale database applications. Typical projects have included:
  • Requirements Analysis and Project Planning
  • Entire systems development projects for large-scale production systems with 24x7 uptime requirements
  • Performance analysis for large database applications
  • Transaction processing and large-scale client-server applications with hundreds of users and many thousands of transactions per day
  • Data management systems interfaced with realtime control systems
We also offer a wide range of Unix, Windows and VMS system administration services, network planning and administration, network problem diagnosis, and database and system performance analysis services.